And We Regress

Peter seems to have lost some of his interest in potty-training. I went out and got him big boy underwear so I’m hopeful that this will give him the added oomf he needs to get excited about it again.

Peter is also getting angry frequently again and I’m not sure what this means. I’m hoping it means that he’s on the verge of a communications breakthrough. That’s what it meant last time. But for now we wait and see.

Nathan is talking– well kind of. He’s saying many more things and using more signs to communicate with us. This is making life easier for everyone.

My Apologies

I apologize for not posting in the last couple of weeks. We were briefly out of town but upon our return had to deal with a few bouts of illness. I was sick for about a week and then Gabrielle apparently caught what I had but had an allergic reaction to something on top of the stomach bug. She broke out in a severe case of hives (which she has never done) and unfortunately was not on her maintenance medication because we accidentally left it when we had returned home from our trip.

The hives were so bad, we had to take her to an emergency care center since it was a Saturday and her pediatrician’s office was closed (we almost took her to the hospital but I was afraid it would take too long there) and they treated her pretty quickly with steroids. She was on steroids for a week and a half and just came off of them.

And I replaced her allergy medication as soon as we left the doctor’s office.

All around, a pretty exciting July so far and if it slows down I’ll be grateful.