Ah, School. . . :)

Okay, I feel bad. I was so excited when school started this week. Part of it is just so I can relax without having to have my radar up for noises that indicate destructive behavior in one of my children.

I don’t have to keep my radar tuned to a door opening or the bathroom flooding. It’s great!

I miss my kids!

I know this is good for all of us but I think I am suffering from a little withdrawal. Of course, it doesn’t help that Peter was crying when I dropped him off this morning. (He had to wear of shirt and he’s in a I-hate-shirts stage with his sensitivity issues.) Both boys are in school three days a week so I’m hoping to use the time to complete writing projects I want to do and have promised to do.

And I’m hoping that if Peter has to wear a shirt everyday, he’ll be back in them in time for cold weather.

Nathan barely glanced back at me when I dropped him off. His teacher said he did well yesterday but he didn’t want to do anything they asked him to do (typical Nathan). He’s in a whole-language class meaning that the teacher uses gramatically correct sign language for just about everything she says. He’ll probably come home using signs I’ve never seen before.

Peter’s "Sleepover"

Sleep is a big issue for children (and parents) dealing with autism. Peter seems to have problems in this area more so than Nathan (although Nathan does too– it’s just not as bad).

Last night, Peter wouldn’t go to sleep. He refused to take a nap earlier in the day so I knew he was exhausted. Daddy went up twice to get him to go back to sleep and the third time out of the bed, I went up. I asked Peter what was wrong and, clear as day, he said “I want to sleep with Gabrielle.” So I moved him into Gabrielle’s room and let him get in bed with her but because it was different (and, of course, a majority of children with autism seem to have problems with change in routine) he again was having a hard time falling to sleep. And, of course, Gabrielle wanted him to stay because she hates the idea of sleeping by herself. We were quickly approaching midnight at this point and I was getting frustrated that he didn’t want to leave Gabrielle but he wouldn’t stay in bed with her either.

So Plan C was to move the mattress from the toddler bed into Gabrielle’s room and put it on the floor next to her bed and put Peter, his pillow, big Mickey Mouse and one of his stuffed dogs in it. I laid down with Peter for maybe ten minutes and both he and Gabrielle were sound asleep when I sneaked out.

I’m a little nervous that he’s going to want this arrangement again tonight. I don’t know how this is going to work if he continues to want this up through school.