Peter: Nature Calls

Well, today was momentous– not necessarily in a good way.

Peter has had issues with clothing for some time now but he at least kept his undies or Pull-Ups on while at home. Not today. Today, he is as naked as the day he was born. I keep counting my blessings (for example, he’s only 4 and not 16) and figure at some point he has to put his clothes on again.

Thank goodness Nathan hasn’t decided to follow his brother.

Both boys have been sick all week and, of course, they just have to share– I think I’m coming down with the virus they have had.

Well, at least if they’re feeling better, they’ll be at school this week and I can be miserable in peace– for a few hours at least.

Cooking with Mommy

I should start a cooking show– I mean, really, everyone else has one. Why not a show on special needs kids cooking with their moms. Or maybe I should put together a cookbook using recipes from special needs kids and their moms. The donations could go to autism research groups. I don’t know, I’m just thinking outloud (or in print) because I’ve noticed that Peter and Nathan like to help cook and Peter, especially, has gotten very good at helping.

When we make pancakes for breakfast, Peter’s my designated helper and he “dumps” the flour, sugar, and etc. in the bowls. He then whisks the contents of the bowls and then dumps the dry stuff in with the wet. Which he then whisks together. The nice thing is that, largely due to his autism I’m sure, he’s very precise about following directions. So for a four-year-old, he’s very neat and a great helper.