No Surgery

Sorry, for not posting earlier. Our computer crashed and while I am up and running again, we are borrowing a relative’s older computer while we figure out what to do with ours. This unit doesn’t have half the programs as ours does and so it’s taking a while to get back up to speed.

As for Peter: We saw Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins on the 9th, he agreed with the team at MCV that the cure was worse than the condition at this time. He did add that Peter’s CT scan shows that there is currently room in his skull for growth of the brain. Dr. Carson, like Dr. Tye, warned us of what to look for if Peter should start to experience intra-cranial pressure (ICP) but otherwise reassured us. He felt that Peter had a very good prognosis.

The thing that reassured me the most was that Dr. Carson mentioned that Peter currently had space showing for growth. I’ve been so aware of the fact that with the least bit of growth we could be looking at ICP but hearing that he has available space was what I needed to know.