Oh, My!

Okay, I’ve gone back to work– teaching (what was I thinking!)– and the kids are all in school.

Peter is doing well mainstreamed. He is based out of an autism classroom and he and couple of other kids from his class spend nearly all day in a regular kindergarten class with a paraeducator. Peter has surprised his teachers by knowing his numbers, shapes and letters. He has also surprised them by knowing how to write his name. Communication skills are still not great but hey, every little bit helps!
Nathan is doing well. He is in a reverse class at the public school. They are trying to see if they can move him into a regular kindergarten class next year. He’s three days a week there and two days at the private school my daughter attends and where I teach. He’s doing very well in both places and everyone thinks my little stinker is a joy (go figure– he is a cutie but he can be a stinker too!)
All in all, we doing okay so far.