Christmas Presents for Children with Autism…

Mmmm… this is always a challenge. Nathan is getting easier to buy for. We have seen such an improvement in him it is astonishing. He still over-focuses, hand-flaps and has speech problems but he’s interacting with others, playing, starting conversations, etc. It’s fantastic!

Nathan is getting cars, a “light saber” that lights up and Play-Doh.

Peter as always is so much more difficult to buy for–he wanted books this year since he is reading but I’m not sure he will enjoy them as much as I would hope he would. I did find a choral spinning top at a Tuesday Morning store. It’s big, about eight inches across and as you spin it (ah, spinning–what a wonderful thing for an autistic child!) it “hums” in chords. It’s great and I think he will love it. They received other things as well but we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I’ll let you all know what the hits were.