Christmas Presents were a Hit!

Peter and Nathan loved their Christmas presents (which is great considering how hard they can be to buy for). Gabs loved hers too–she got a new phone (free if I added a line)!

I know, I know but she is about to turn twelve and she quit Tae Kwon Do (for now) and is doing cheerleading. The thing about cheerleading is that, unlike TKD, practice can end at 5:00, 5:15 or 5:30–take your pick–depending on when the next game is taking place. Getting her a cell phone was a matter of saving the planet and my sanity. Now I won’t have to sit out in the parking lot, running the engine in the cold, for an hour, hour and fifteen or hour and a-half, waiting for her to finish practice.

For Christmas, Peter got a rain stick, keyboard and light globe–toys he loves. We just need more batteries.

Nathan got a Transformer (Bumble Bee), a tiny robot and science experiment kits. He’s having a blast too (although a little messier). Of course, grandmas bought RC cars, finger paints, toy camera, VTech Reader, and etc.

But what are they doing now? Peter is eating a bowl of cereal he got himself and playing on his father’s laptop. Nathan is playing with one of his experiments and Gabrielle is watching television. C’est la vie.


Peter Pooped (in the Toilet!!!)

I know. This not something we generally talk about in public but, ahem, my 7-year-old, “I need a diaper”-Peter finally went in the toilet this past Wednesday. Of course, he tried getting a diaper or training pants out of me but I told him I had absolutely had it. No more training pants! I was tired of the stinky, poopy pants and I didn’t have any training pants, anyway, and the store was closed (we were arguing over this at 10:00 p.m.) I told him to use the toilet. And, surprisingly, he went in and sat on it.

I didn’t make a big deal out of it but asked him if he wanted me to sit by the door or sit on the couch (we were downstairs near the living room). He wanted me to sit on the couch. Did he want a book? Yes, he did.

It took about 30 minutes or so but it worked! He pooped! And then he turned around and sat on the toilet and pooped in it again on Friday!!

I kept teasing Peter that I wasn’t going with him to high school or college (hey, here’s hoping he’ll make it that far! I think he will!) and wiping his keister.

*Sigh* We have managed to jump another hurdle!

I found a wonderful website yesterday for toys and gifts for kids on the spectrum. The website is National Autism Resources at

Peter is really hard to shop for although I did buy him a toy keyboard the other day– which I thought I had hidden well. No such luck, he found it and then surprised us all by writing his name on it!