Summer is Coming to a Close

Summer is ending and as with all good things there are some regrets and some things to look forward to.

I started my master’s degree and got an “A” in one class and a “B” in another and learned a great deal over the summer. This was a good thing.

Regret: I wish I had anticipated how much time it would take to get into the swing of things with the different style guides. I need to give myself more time to deal with stylistic differences and creative aspects of writing. I’m used to writing in extremes: I either write in a colloquial style for my blog or a more formal manner for articles for a newspaper. The writing I had to do for my Creative Writing class was completely different and something I had not done for a while.

Good thing: Peter has been talking in complete sentences for a little while now but we’re working on getting him to put two or more sentences together and that’s going to be a continuing challenge. Nathan received a Nintendo DS Lite for his birthday and he has taken to it like a duck to water. He loves it and it makes him feel like a big boy to have his own. He’s been pretending all summer and has a new friend in the neighborhood who is a little younger but has quite the imagination too.

Regret: Peter has been very attached to the computer this summer and it’s been very, very difficult to pull him away from it unless we leave the house.

Good thing: We were able to get some home improvement projects completed–including replacing both toilets.

Peter clogged the one upstairs and we never did get it completely unclogged so we had to replace it. The downstairs toilet was clogged by one of the kids (Peter?) with something other than toilet paper (toy car?) and my husband broke the toilet trying to take the tank off of the seat. So two new toilets were installed (by me).

Good thing: We finally painted my daughter’s room. (My husband did most of the painting). It’s really very pretty and she likes it a lot. The color turned out to be a very pink purple or a very purple pink. Either way, she likes it and it works.

Regret: In cleaning up and putting things away, my husband was in the attic and accidentally put his foot through the ceiling in the hallway upstairs but it all worked out–the hole was right outside a hall closet and one side broke cleanly from the next piece of sheetrock. We put a 1 X 4 between the rafters and placed a new piece of sheetrock over the hole and used drywall screws to put it in place so it’s all good.

[My husband is almost as good as Peter at making messes :)]

Future projects involve my back yard flower bed, replacing the sink and vanity in the downstairs bathroom, painting the stairwell and painting the boys’ room.

We’re running out of summer.