I’m Gonna Write a Book!

Seriously. I am.

I keep saying this but, this year, I am going to sit down over the summer and work on a book. Chapter titles include:

Peter, Get the Pencil Out of the Apple

It’s a Phone, Not a Gaming System

Nathan, Where are Your Glasses?

You Guys are not Old Enough for Such Smelly Feet!

Peter, You do not Wipe Poop on Your Belly!

Oh, No! My Coat, My Jacket, My Phone, etc.! (Pick One)

And other wonderful titles. You get the picture. My hope is that other parents will take heart from my crazy stories. We all have them. Most of the time, the stories become funny over time but it helps to know what others have been through. I tell you, most days are great and funny–some days, not so much.  😛


I managed to lock myself out of this account and have been unsuccessful in breaking in until tonight. Argh!! How frustrating! There has been so much to write about and not having the ability to talk about some of the new developments with the boys has been difficult.

Peter is still speaking on the level of a 1 1/2 or 2 year old–well, that description is probably too simple and unfair to Peter.

He is speaking more and using complete sentences with adjectives and prepositional phrases. But he doesn’t speak constantly, it’s usually only when he needs something.

Nathan may “graduate” from occupational therapy this year. Part of me is excited and part of me is sad. He has had the same OT for his therapist almost since he was diagnosed. It will be difficult to let Abby go! Seriously, I am very proud of Nathan. His last goal is to ride a bicycle. If he can do this, he will have achieved all of his OT goals. Wow! So hard to believe!