Career Goals?

My kids are too young to have serious career goals. Gabrielle is close–she is thinking about teaching special needs children (not surprising).

Nathan, who is now nine, is all over the map.

I have often said that if Peter wants to be a bag boy at the grocery store, I will support him 100 percent. But I am hoping he will get the opportunity to do more.

Today, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. I made suggestions such as doctor, lawyer, scientist, teacher and then I asked, half in jest, if he wants to be a game tester. What does he say? Game tester. Not at all surprised. Given half a chance, he would spend all day playing games, videos or songs on the computer, iPhone or Kindle.

Nathan’s Little Smile

I confess that the Mona Lisa smile does not fascinate me the way it seems to have fascinated others for several centuries.

But I am willing to revise my opinion.

Nathan as of late has been giving me a similar smile when I praise him for something he has done. Since he doesn’t really speak, it makes his smile all the more mysterious since I can’t figure out what he means by it.

It’s a slight uptilt at the corners of his mouth, almost like he knows more than he lets own. The smile makes me laugh because it is so adult-like– it’s so knowing.

I’m looking forward to when he can communicate with me better. I want to ask him what he is thinking when he smiles like that but, by the time he is able to tell, he may not remember. Like the Mona Lisa, the smile may forever remain a mystery.