My Kindle, Part 2

Well, it happened– again. One of my kids grabbed my Kindle when I thought it was safe in the car, under my purse, and out of the way. While driving, Nathan snatched it, looked at it during the car ride and then, apparently, laid it down on the floor. Next thing I know, after reaching our destination, and backing my seat up over the Kindle (!),I was looking at a broken Kindle (again!).

It still works–kind of– but the screen has broken pixels in the corner and lines running down the front. Oh, joy!

Technology and kids (with or without autism) is like trying to mix oil and water.


Nathan: So Close!

Today, Nathan’s private speech therapist finished her annual evaluation of him. On the evaluation scale, the bottom range of normal is 85. Nathan scored a 72! This is a far cry from two years ago when they couldn’t even complete the test because he wouldn’t respond.

Maybe in a year, he’ll be doing so well they’ll discharge him from Speech therapy!